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   Known Bugs

Here's a list of known bugs and some comment on the status.

It simply does nothing!
open   Some people have reported problems with the filenames in the distributes zip archive. Sometimes the filenames get converted to lowercase when unpackig and prepend.php can't find the required() files. Check prepend.php.
Only the first line of a doc comment gets used.
open   Yes, the parser uses the wrong linebreak sign. parser/PhpdocParserRegExp.php->$PHP_BASE["break"] must be set to the userdefined constant LINEBREAK.
It can't handle OO code and procedural code in one file.
open   ... will be solved until 1.0. See my hints on the installation page on how to work around.
The generated HTML documentation contains "1" but nothing else
open   This is not a really a bug. You have probably set a template path with setTemplateRoot() that does not exists.

PHPDoc detects this but does not print the message public :|. Some debugging/warning container must be introduced in the script.

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